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LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault is a tool that lets you put a virtual lock on any app installed on your device, whether it’s a system app, a social network, or your favorite social game.

The way LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault works is very simple: you choose an unlock pattern for the app which you will then use to unlock and access it. Once inside you'll be able to choose which apps you want to protect using this pattern, from the system settings app to your image gallery, or even Candy Crush Saga.

Apart from this app lock, LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault also includes a special lock for your photos, which you'll be able to protect from prying eyes. All you have to do is select which images you want to put in the vault and they'll be forever protected.

Of course, it won’t be possible to uninstall LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault from a device without entering the unlock pattern. In other words, no one can try to slide by your virtual locks by simply getting rid of the app.

LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault is a very good Android protection tool which you can use to stop any attempts at violating your privacy.
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Requires Android 2.2 or above